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    compel: /kəmˈpel/ v. force to act

    drive, force, pressure, press, push, urge, strong-arm, make, bulldoze, coerce   We’re cycling enthusiasts. We love to ride. And, we’ve been doing it since we can remember. Lured by Colorado’s beauty and incredible trails, it wasn’t long before we knew we’d never leave. Originally from Venezuela, Colorado is now our home. This is where our families live and our friends play. After 13 years here, it’s time for us to give something back. Compel is where our passions intersect: Colorado, cycling, and community. It’s where we remember the essence of why we ride—because it’s fun. No matter what type of riding you do, you do it because it makes you feel alive. We want our contribution to the cycling community to be inclusive. We want cyclists of all types and abilities to ride in creative comfort made from quality materials, all for reasonable prices. Enter Compel, a clothing and accessories brand made for riders by riders. It’s cycling appropriate clothing that’s stylish and comfortable. It’s great wear for a jaunt to the pub or a run up Flagstaff. Our products are designed for regular folk who like to feel comfortable riding.   Javier + Joel